Nuke or Inferno? And are they good for csgo predictions?

But anyways, wanted to discuss the change from Inferno to Nuke. Seems like teams have a quite different opinion on the matter.

Ninjas in Pyjamas for instance have always been really good at Nuke (especially before the changes when they literally were picking it all the time). They have also commented on some occasions that they believe Inferno is just a map that consists of too much randomness. This can be true, as it is hard to gather information on Inferno – making strategy a lot tougher.

Other teams and players says otherwise. Others think that Nuke is just too of a complex map. Timings needs to be completely perfect and everything needs to go your way to be able to win a round. Everything from turning a corner and flashing all areas.

Many teams have been practicing on Nuke after VALVE’s decision to switch. There are some mixed results – NiP is always going to be good on the map and Astralis have also showed decent results on the map (especially after retrieving gla1ve in the squad).

Keep Inferno AND Nuke?

You might reason that both maps should be left in the active duty map pool. Just like Fallen quoted, no one is considering Dust2 to be removed.


Dust2 is just a nostalgic map and have been their so far in the Counter-Strike history. But so has Inferno, right? I mean, so many grand finals and memorable plays have been on Inferno!

Dust2 might not be unbalanced but it is crazy puggy. You basically have three simple lines like in Dota :’) (yeah weird comparison, but think about it). Firepower takes you far, even without strategy.

Cobblestone unbalanced?

Maybe it would be better to remove Cobblestone? According to Fallen in world-leading SK – this is also a very unbalanced map.

Oh well…

Just remember to keep track of your bets. Make sure to know which maps are being played at the cs go betting sites and bet accordingly!

How does this affect your betting?

Well. I love Nuke because it is easy to live bet on… inferno is harder. Anyways here you can find csgo predictions.


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